Sunday, January 30, 2011

My robbery

This young man robbed me a few years back. And another cab. And then another but was never caught.

Also, according to the Ptld PD he had killed some people at the bar where I picked him up just about a week earlier.

He had a big gun.

I heard a lot of "no way he would have done that to me" type of comments from a few of the boy cab drivers. I survived and he only got $15 outta me. Seems like a pretty good conclusion to me.


Pretty obvious. And a very quick draw if I remember correctly.


Drawn on another drivers' work envelope. I see many things wrong w/this one but I like him 'cuz I did this one in pen instead of pencil. First time trying that. Kinda proud of myself. :)


I don't remember the how's or why's of this one. I do like him tho.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Holy ...

... whatever.

Drew this for Christmas this last year.


There isn't much I dislike about this one except maybe the top dude, but the bottom one ... I think he's sexy. Probably the eyes.

Girl w/a snake

This is a Boris Vallejo painting.

I think everything except the hands are sexy on this one.

I get a lot of people in my cab that feel the need to critique my drawings, even after admitting they can't draw a stick. I'm often amused by their criticisms.

Another Boris Vallejo ...

I really like this one, the use of white spaces ... it was fun to do.


done down a woman's torso and hip. Good in theory. Execution ... meh.


I like this one. Spent many an hour trying to figure out how to make it red, white and blue. Bet it'd make kind of a cool tat.

Emo couple

I think this one is cute.

Princess Leia

I like the shading on this one, but there are so many things that I don't like it drives me crazy to look at it. I spent forEVer trying to get her face correct and couldn't. Her shoulders are way too big and God, George Lucas nor Boris Vallejo gave her those breasts.

Since she doesn't have any hands I guess I can't like or dislike 'em.

Maybe those breasts are just to distract from that face.


Another Boris Vallejo.

I like her, especially the shading but I just can NOT get a face onto her, so here she sits. Anonymous. Sad.

Work envelope

I like this one, but she didn't get finished. The face, hair and body are inspired by one of my regular customers. She's hawt.


This one was harder'n all get out to draw and took a really long time. Upside down and exactly the same?? Whew.

Got this from a friends deck of cards.


Whatcha gonna do, eh?

1st work envelope

This is when I decided to start drawing on my work envelopes. She's one of my favorites.